Lobortas History



Date of Start. The company originally focuses on processing both precious and semi-precious

stones, leaning on their mysterious properties, and on the making of low-cost jewelry and

bijouterie with these stones.


1991 – 1992


The creation of their own production of polished precious stones and start of production of

jewelry out of silver and gold.


1993 – 1994


I. Lobortas initiates the first national exhibition of contemporary jewelry art of Ukraine, and with

the support of Vyacheslav Briukhovetsky, the President of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, in July 1993

Academy conducts the first in Ukraine jewelry exhibition that initiates an active cooperation

with the leading jewelry companies.


From this moment the creation of the first exclusive jeweled works of Lobortas begins.




The merger of two leading jewelry companies of Ukraine. Igor Lobortas becomes the founder of

the “Fial” company, which is consequently renamed into “Fial Plus”. The first in the country

collection of the high-end exclusive jewelry is created. The first calendar of modern exclusive

jewelry of Ukraine is released. The first in Ukraine elite collections show for VIP guests is held.




By reaching an understanding that in Ukraine the ideal conditions for the formation of the

twenty-first century art are formed, I. Lobortas leaves “Fial Plus” and the field jewelry exclusives

at the same time, devoting himself entirely to building the modern jewelry art of worldwide

fame. Creates a jewelry workshop “Lobortas” and registers “Lobortas” trademark of the same





Working on the creation of an advanced collection “World in Your Palm” as the third epoch-

making innovative collection (the first two collections – “Easter Eggs” by Faberge and the

“Magic Clocks” by Cartier).




The grand prize of the contest “The Best Jewelry Piece” at the exhibition “Jeweller Expo Ukraine

’99” – kit “Magical Source” was awarded the prize “Scythian Deer”, and set “Triumph of Beauty”

was awarded with a diploma for “Interesting Technical Solution of a Jewelry Piece”.




At the exhibition “Jeweller Expo Ukraine 2000” out of the six national awards three are won by

Lobortas jewelry workshop: in the category “The Best Jewelry Piece of Silver” (the grand prize

“Scythian Deer”) – jeweled ladies’ smoking set “Small Mercies”; in the category “Millennium”

(the main prize “Scythian Deer”) – the collection of unique rings “Shades of Great World”; in the

category “Exclusive Jewelry Piece of Gold” – a jewelry kit “Promised Heaven”, in creation of

which Ukrainian amber was used as a high-class material.




Winner of the contest at the “Jeweller Expo Ukraine 2001” exhibition in the categories: “Piece

Crafted with use of Old Technologies” (the grand prize “Scythian Deer”) – kit “Royal Hunt”,

“Traditions and Modernity” (the grand prize “Scythian Deer”) – kit “Magic Color of the Earth”;

Diploma “For Originality of Ideas” for the ring “The Sun of the III millennium”.


The first Ukrainian album “Jewelry Art of Ukraine” gives a special attention to the creative work

of jewelry workshop “Lobortas”.




The creative work of the Lobortas company is reflected in the album “200 Names of the

Twentieth Century”, dedicated to the leaders of decorative and applied art of Ukraine.




Jeweler’s workshop “Lobortas” is awarded with Diploma of the exhibition “Jeweller Expo

Ukraine” for “Popularizing of High Jewelry Art”.


Release of author’s illustrated album “Romantic Avangard”.


The House “Lobortas” took part in the jewelry art exhibition “Joaillier Createurs” in Paris. “The

Wall Street Journal Europe” noted that “the exhibition of Lobortas atelier was the most romantic

in Paris”.




The company, renamed into “The House Lobortas”, establishes its own award “Stellar Instance”

(ukr. “Зоряна мить”) (diamond star) for the highest achievement in the arts.


Published work of the main European jewelry edition “Dreams”, noted the ongoing impact of the

House “Lobortas” on the development of European jewelry.




The House “Lobortas” creates a tabernacle “Heavenly Lavra”, a unique Orthodox jewelry object

of art, with composition cover of carved topaz in the shape of a celestial Monastery. In the box in

the bottom the Holy Gifts are kept.




Jewelry House “Lobortas” completes its fundamental work “The Soul of the World”, which

rightly becomes the first Ukrainian jewelry masterpiece and joins the world cultural treasury of

works of art.


Foundations for jewelry sculptures, weapon and jewelry art, elite class cutlery, table objects are

laid and the Jewelry House “Lobortas” achieves a status of Classic Jewelry House.


The House “Lobortas” creates a “Dance of Angel” ring with 837. In Kiev, the news agency “The

Observer” registers new world record – the ring with the largest amount of the precious stones –

in the Ukrainian National Register of Records.




The solemn transfer of the brooch “Double Horseshoe” with diamonds and sapphires, created

from a sketch by M. Vrubel by Classic Jewelry House “Lobortas” for the Museum of Russian

Art in the city of Kiev. . An agreement with the Hermitage Museum of the transfer of the second

exemplar in its collection is entered into.


Igor Lobortas hands the jewelry work of the House over to the first in space Ukrainian woman,

NASA astronaut Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper. USA.


Igor Lobortas was awarded with the highest jewelry award of Russia – “The Order of Carl



Registration of the brand “Lobortas and Karpova”.




At the invitation of Igor Lobortas Tatiana Faberge, the great granddaughter of Carl Faberge,

came to Kiev.


For the first time in the history the Classic Jewelry House “Lobortas” creates a special handmade

altar pilgrimage “Vigil Lamp” for the Holy Fire. The vigil lamp is handed over to Metropolitan

Volodymyr of Kiev and All Ukraine and consecrated in All Saints Church.


Classic Jewelry House “Lobortas” (under the trademark “Lobortas and Karpova”) represents

Ukrainian art in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and in the National Arts Club, New York,

USA. The exhibition opening was held by the mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg.

Special thanks from Scott Stringer, the president of Manhattan.


Jewelry Symphony “Heavenly Laura”, created by the artists and artisans of the House, becomes

one of the symbols of festivities, devoted to 1020th anniversary of Baptism of Rus’.


A special exhibition in the Sofia of Kiev reserve museum – the joint display of the sculpture

collection of the Louvre Museum, for the first time brought in Ukraine, and contemporary

jeweled sculptural works of the House “Lobortas”.


The display was attended by the King of Sweden, Carl Gustav and Queen of Sweden Silvia, who

arrived within the framework of the official visit to Ukraine.




In honor of the 10th anniversary of the deputy’s chess tournament House “Lobortas” introduces

in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine building a new, unique fundamental work – chess with

electro-mechanical secret “Marches on Bosporan”. 27 masters of the House “Lobortas” worked

for more than three years to create it.


At the reception of the Russian Embassy in Ukraine, on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of

the birth of N.V. Gogol, the House “Lobortas” presented unique silver sculptures from the

“Thaeatre on Table” series and silverware “Sorochynsky Fair”.


Monograph “Faberge and His Successors” by V. Skurlov widely reflects the works of the Classic

Jewelry House.


Signing of a cooperation contract between the Crown Prince Lorenzo de Medici and Jewelry

House “Lobortas” that resulted in a new era of the Renaissance.


Classic Jewelry House creates precious Vigil Lamp for the Holy Fire and donates it to Kiev-

Pechersk Lavra of the Holy Dormition.


The House “Lobortas” creates a vigil lamp for the Holy Fire for Most Holy Patriarch Kirill of

Moscow and all Rus.


At the 80th jubilee congress of the international chess federation FIDE in Thessaloniki, Greece,

the chess Oscar for the winner in the women’s competition series “Caissa” is approved, and the

development and manufacture are entrusted to the House “Lobortas”.




“Lobortas and Karpova” trademark ceases to exist.


The title of “Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine” is conferred on Igor Lobortas, the owner

and the founder of Jewelry House “Lobortas”.


Classic Jewelry House “Lobortas” opens an office in New York.


A Vigil Lamp was created for the only in Ukraine student church – Church of the Holy Martyr

Tatiana at Odessa National Academy of Law. Tatiana in Odessa National Academy of Law.


The House “Lobortas” creates “Women’s Chess Oscar” for the World Chess Federation FIDE.

Nona Gaprindashvili and Igor Lobortas presents women’s chess “Oscar” to Nadezhda

Kosintseva, the best chess player in 2010.


Igor Lobortas is elected as the chairman of the contest jury “Golden Globe. Moscow Jewelry





For the first time ever, Bethlehem fire is transported from the Holy Land to Kiev, the capital of

Ukraine, in the vigil lamp, created by Classic Jewelry House “Lobortas”.


H.I.H Maria Vladimirovna Romanova rates high the mastery of Ukrainian jewelers by

decorating the Head of the House Igor Lobortas with the St. Anna Order 3rd class.


World record is entered into the Guinness Book of Records – 2,525 diamonds in one ring,

created by masters of the Classic Jewelry House “Lobortas”.


Classic Jewelry House “Lobortas” becomes the author and creator of precious «Donbass Open

Cup» trophy.


At the Montenapoleone 6A, in the golden square of Milan – the fashion capital of the world, the

House “Lobortas” holds an exhibition of contemporary jewelry art, having presented the world

record “Tsarevna Swan” and the fundamental work – the jeweled symphony “Soul of the World”

to the European connoisseurs.


In Kiev the grand opening of the memorial plaque in honor of Carl Gustav Faberge, the great

jeweler of XIX-XX centuries took place with the support of Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, Kiev

City State Administration and the Embassy of Russian Federation of Ukraine. I.Y. Lobortas is

the patron of the memorial.


To order of famous Orthodox philanthropist Viktor Nusenkis Classic Jewelry House “Lobortas”

designed and, in cooperation with the bell molding specialists of “Donetsksteel”

entrepreneurship, made the three-meter-high bronze monument of Cyril and Methodius installed

and consecrated in spiritual and educational center of Donetsk, Ukraine. This monument became

the first monumental work of the House. The jeweled sculptural miniature, created by the House

before, served as the prototype for the monument.


To order of Yaakov Dov Bleich, the Chief Rabbi of Ukraine, the House “Lobortas” designs and

makes a unique prize object – a silver medal and cufflinks, by which the legacy of Andrey

Sheptitsky, the man who invested a lot of labor in saving the Jewish people during World War II,

is honored. This prize gets approval and unanimous acceptance in the House of Commons of

Canadian Parliament in Ottawa. Jim Temerty, famous Canadian of Ukrainian origin, becomes

the first of awarded ones.


By invitation of the Geneva government, the meeting with Dalai Lama on the occasion of the

opening of the first Buddha Centre. Specially for this occasion two unique works were created

and handed over to the Dalai Lama.




Classic Jewelry House “Lobortas” starts posting the news feed on Facebook and Twitter:

On the international congress of the world heraldists, the jeweled symphony “King Bird”, created

by the House “Lobortas”, is presented in the State Hermitage Museum.


The note of thanks from the Most Holy Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople.


The House “Lobortas” creates a copy of the Henri Delaunay Cup for Ukraine Cup Euro 2012

among schoolchildren.


The ring “Tsarevna Swan” is presented at JCK, the world’s most prestigious jewelry show, Las

Vegas, USA.


Appreciation from the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the United Nations for the presentation

of Ukrainian jewelry art in the world arena.


Handing over of the Grand Chess Oscar to the president of the World Chess Federation Kirsan

Ilyumzhinov at FIDE Central Congress in Istanbul, Turkey. Awarding of Hou Yifan, the world

chess champion, with Caissa.


Handing over of the vigil lamp for Bethlehem Fire to the Pope Benedict XVI.




In commemoration of the 1700th anniversary of freedom of the Christian religion in the entire

world – Edict of Milan, Classic Jewelry House “Lobortas” creates and hands the “Vigil Lamp”

over to the Orthodox community of Milan as a donation. To the Milan and in the holiday of

Holy Easter the Holy Fire of Jerusalem was delivered for the parishes of central and northern



In honor of 1025th anniversary of Baptism of Rus the Classic Jewelry House “Lobortas”

manufactured commemorative gifts – silver jeweled crucifixes with enamels, diamonds and the

image of the Holy Prince Vladimir, which were awarded to the heads of all world local Orthodox

churches, who arrived in Kiev on the occasion of festivities. For them the exhibition, devoted to

“Vigil Lamps” was held.


In honor of the 22nd anniversary of independence of Ukraine in the Royal club “Sоlyst House”

of the Kingdom of Denmark the exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian jewelry art, represented

by the works of Lobortas House, was held.


At the invitation of the Embassy of Ukraine in the United Kingdom of Great Britain the world

record from Guinness Book of Records – the diamond ring “Tsarevna Swan” was presented to

the Royal Family member Prince Michael of Kent. In response to the gift, presented by the

prince to our state, the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Ukraine in the United Kingdom awarded

the honorary guest with the cufflinks specially designed and manufactured to order by the House

Lobortas. Michael of Kent has personally noted them in his letter of gratitude.


At the 84th FIDE Congress, held in October in Tallinn, Estonia, the project of the Grand Prix

Cup of women’s series was approved. On the initiative of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the President of

the Federation, and the Head of Women’s Commission Susan Polgar, the designing and

fabrication of this trophy was entrusted to Classic Jewelry House “Lobortas”.


During the meeting with the new Pope Francis, Classic Jewelry House “Lobortas” presented a

gift by way of unique cufflinks, designed exclusively for the Great pontiff, with elements of

papal emblem, frescoes of the famous fish and loaves mosaic and Jerusalem cross.




7-8 January, Igor Lobortas took part in the Olympic Torch Relay in the center of the Nizhny

Novgorod, Russia, as a representative of the Interreligious Council of Russia.

In the day of Holy Easter the Sacred Fire is brought by the head of the orthodox church

Metropolitan Onufriy. By tradition, established in 2008, the Holy Fire is brought to Ukraine in

“Vigil Lamp”, created by the House “Lobortas”.


In honor of the 30th anniversary of the Chess Collectors International (CCI) Association the

international congress of collectors is held. Classic Jewelry House “Lobortas” was invited to this

event. The House presented a jeweled chess set “Marches on Bosporan”, consisting of a number

of unique know-hows, technical and jewelry achievements, and electro-mechanical system

applied to the chess set for the first time.


On the sixth and final stage of international chess competitions in the FIDE Grand Prix series,

among women, which were held in the world’s largest and most modern chess palace in Sharjah,

UAE, new trophy consisting of big and small Cups was demonstrated to the world public. The

Cups, created by the House “Lobortas” receive a high appraisal. Hou Yifan, the Chinese chess

player, became the champion in this kind of competition.


In the event of FIDE Grand Prix men’s series in Baku, Azerbaijan, Igor Lobortas presented the

Cup project of this high international chess award. This project was consequently approved by

the world’s chess elite.


On behalf of all-Ukrainian Jewish public the second awarding with the medal and cufflinks of

Sheptitsky takes place. The holder of this symbolic award has become a well-known Ukrainian

businessman Victor Pinchuk.


In honor of the 250th anniversary of the State Hermitage Museum and the opening of “Rooms of

Faberge” and halls of contemporary jewelry art, the “Double Horseshoe” brooch, made from the

only known jewelry sketch -of the famous artist Mikhail Vrubel, was transferred in an exhibit of

No. 1 museum of art. Classic Jewelry House “Lobortas” and personally Igor Lobortas got the

title of “Friends of the Hermitage”.


The British Rolls Royce-Bentley Enthusiasts’ Club, comprising around 20,000 buyers of the

vehicles of these famous elite brands and collectors of unique antique cars, Rolls Royce and

Bentley, invited Igor Lobortas, as the owner of luxury jewelry house and the father of one of

modern styles of jewelry art, to participate in the celebration of the 90th anniversary of “Pаntоm”

model, and the Classic Jewelry House “Lоbоrtаs” itself was included in the title edition of the